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Ask and I Shall Offer is a passion project of mine, which was started as a college design project for both my Game Design and Interface Design classes. After much refinement, it became the project I aim to create after graduation. It is a merchant simulation game centered around your character making as much profits as possible while travelling the land and surviving the weather and the vicious populace. On the side, a tale of heroes and demons is becoming reality and is bound to throw the world into chaos and anarchy. However, you don't care about that, do you? All you care is how much silver this finely crafted short sword will bring you.

The Game Design Document has been written and concepted by me and the game itself will be programmed by me until I reach the point where art is required.

The images below are gameplay concept art made by me, with help from a fellow student for the character lineart.

Proxy Soldier is an online tactical first person shooter with an emphasis on more unique weapons with special effects. It was made for my last year of college as our final project for all of our classes. The game is developped on Unity and features online gameplay using our own local servers with the Photon Server SDK and voice over IP using the TeamSpeak API. The game faces two teams, attack and defence, with the objective of blocking the energy of two beacons located close to the defender's spawn. Most gameplay decisions are emphasizing teamwork over run-and-gun.

The team was composed of
Anthony Duquette (Gameplay Programmer, Writer, Backup Eng.),
Alex Sabourin (Lead Programmer, Networking Mastermind, Graphics Programmer),
Andrew Wong (Project Management, Sound Design),
Jessica Millar (Character Artist, 3D Modeller, Level Designer),
Moe Ezdahmad (Weapon Artist, 3D Modeller),
Kevin Labelle (Lead Designer, Prop Modeller),
Keegan Laycock (Sound & Level Design, Prop Modeller).

This project took 6 months to make and is available here. Note, the networking is disable in the build due to the unavailability of the server software.

Other Projects :

Framework Development :

Ludia SDK v3 :

During my stay at Ludia Inc., I got to work on their Ludia SDK v3 for a small while. I've worked on the fog shader system, implementing the inverse fog and double fog features which allows for both far fog and near fog, and small bug fixes. The main game which uses that fog system is the mobile game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends.

Image displayed here and other trademarked material is property of their respectful owner.

Ludia Ocean v4 :

Also during my stay at Ludia Inc., I got to mainly work on their latest in-house framework, Ludia Ocean v4. My main tasks were to optimize and refactor the text and label system, upgrade the rich text features and handle external connection to the text system, like external Localization files or text clicking events. There are no game that is currently released that uses this framework.

Personal Frameworks [Old] :

Throughout my college programming classes, I had to code game frameworks that could accomplish specific tasks. During my free time, I took the time to upgrade some of them and create new ones. All of them are available on GitHub here.

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